Dubbing & Subtitling


Objectives & Methods

We provide dubbing and subtitling services for commercials, documentaries, drama series, and tele-features. Our services include script translation, subtitling and system transfer. With the ATN team, you are assured that your production is dubbed or subtitled by professionals and edited and reviewed more than once to ensure that our high quality complements your hard work, and our knowledge and expertise complement your talent and skill.

Our professional subtitling preparation software is used by broadcasters and subtitling houses worldwide. It can be used to produce subtitles easily, efficiently and accurately for any recorded media. It supports a comprehensive range of media and file formats, ensuring compatibility with all production and delivery requirements.

ATN's Network of Writers and Linguists

ATN has a network of over 200 tried and tested writers and translators worldwide. Our linguists, writers and translators are fluent in most languages. They are citizens and/or residents of most countries, including the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, almost all countries of the European Union, all Arab countries and a number of countries in Latin America and the Far East. Our General Manager Dr. Nabil Chaiban is also President of Arab Professional Translators Society (APTS) and Director of the Institute for Arabization and Unification of Terminology (IAUT).

Arab Professional Translators Society is a not-for-profit pan-Arab association registered in Beirut, Lebanon. We have written and/or translated a large number of books, reports and other publications, including Chaiban Business Dictionary, Arcapita Banking and Finance Dictionary and Chaiban Law Dictionary. Our terminology databases are available online through our websites BankingWords.com and ArabTranslators.org.